Panda Pop Hack – Cheats for Free Coins and Extra Lives

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Everyone loves to play games but most importantly one that offers excitement and a lesson that can be learned about Panda Pop game cheats. Panda Pop is a nice game with these two factors. It is an exciting puzzle game and it shows what a mother’s love is all about.

Panda Pop is developed by SGN and it features 1000+ challenging levels, special boosts and combos, stunning animated graphics, Facebook connectivity, and multiple device compatibility. The game is compatible with Android and iOS devices like iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch with over 10 million downloads.

Panda Pop is available on the Google Play store, iTunes app store, Amazon app store, Windows Phone and Facebook. Rated for all ages, Panda pop is free to play but offers in app purchases including XS coin pack for $0.99, S coin pack for $2.99, L coin pack for $9.99, M coin for $4.99, L coin pack 30% sale off for $6.99, XL coin pack for $19.99, 10 More Bubbles for $0.99, XXL coin pack for $49.99, Get More Hearts for $0.99, and L coin pack 10 % sale off for $8.99. Purchasing items on the store can be rewarding but can you afford to buy them every time? This calls for a Panda Pop hack tool to reach the highest level with ease.

Panda Pop lets players start out in the jungle. An evil baboon has just kidnapped Mama Panda’s cubs and she has to get them back to safety before it is too late. Every level has new twists and surprising obstacles await players with each turn. Mama Panda can use power-ups and combos to burst each bubble and win back her cubs but the availability is limited. There are four colored bubbles that represent four elements in the game. Red is for fire, yellow is for sun, green is for wood, and blue is for water. Four colored lanterns are also available with a unique set of attributes.

check out the hacked coins hereFilling up the lantern with a specific color gives players a chance to burn a section of bubbles with the red color, clear a column with the blue color, throw three bubbles at once with the yellow color, and grow roots with the green color. Players must be careful on what they are shooting at and try to strategize the quickest way to clear each level. Each level is hard to master and clear taking a toll on your lives and coins. If you are wondering on how to get more lives in Panda Pop, you might want to check out the Panda Pop coin cheats.

Resources like coins, hearts, aim extenders, and bubbles can be gained through playing the game but it takes a lot of time grinding just to get a small amount. It is not quite enough and really takes a lot of time not to mention the effort you put in leveling. While some people might find it easier to buy through the in-game store, it really is quite expensive. This is why Panda Pop game cheats is important in these kinds of situations as it can provide you with cheats for all levels. The Panda Pop hacks is compatible with Android and iOS devices. It is very easy to use and understand with its simplified user friendly interface. With just a click of a button, players can have unlimited coins hacker and Panda Pop extra lives cheats helping them to level up with no worries. Use the online coin generator now and buy your way to the highest level. Let’s help Mama Panda burst some bubbles and save the day.